Brigada Eskwela

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Classes will soon start on first Monday of June.

What we have for this week is Brigada Eskwela, a project of Department of Education through their collaboration with the teachers, parents and students wherein the school is being prepared for the school opening.

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One of the activities is the cleaning and repair of classrooms.  Parents of the students help the teacher in charge.  Parents bring cleaning materials like broom, wax and rugs. Some also bring hammer and nails to repair the chairs, doors and windows of the room.

Some are requested to bring brush and paints to repaint the chairs, tables and wall.

This is a fun activity.  Parents meet other parents and build a good relationship.  Teacher meets their former students who are now proud parents of their kids. This also lessen the burden of expense for the repair of room because everyone is contributing for the success of this project.

School is now ready for the school opening.  The environment is clean and room looks brand new with the newly cleaned and painted chairs and tables.  The dusty electric fans were being cleaned and repaired and now, its working again.





Small Bombs

via Daily Prompt: Exposed



She was only three years old and she was running towards me while calling me “Mama”.

Oh, what a lovely sight.

Her hair was being blown by air and she was holding her skirt with both hands and when she stopped in  front of me she was gasping and  very excited.

I asked her “What is that?”

Then she exposed the things beneath her little hands that holding the edge of the skirt.

And I was surprised.

Red and green small chili pepper.

I think she picked all the fruits of chili pepper.  And I can’t imagine what would happen to her if those chili peppers were crushed by her tiny hands.

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Coffee or Watermelon

It was 9 o’clock in the evening and I had just eaten my dinner.  I’m addicted to coffee and I always long for a cup of coffee every after meal.

Thankfully, somebody gave us watermelon.  So I said, “I will skip coffee for tonight and eat some watermelon.

So I put it on top of the table and started to slice it with a knife.  Pointing the knife downward towards me, I cut the watermelon and all of sudden, it slipped and the tip of the knife went straight to my legs.

“Oh my God.” I said. “Am I okay?” Slowly, I looked into my legs to see if there was a wound and if it was bleeding.

Thank  God, there was none.

I silently prayed and thank God for the keeping me safe.

Glory be to God.

The Flying Cockroach

via Daily Prompt: Panicked

“Mama! there’s a cockroach.” and she would run behind my back.


Cockroach, especially the flying one makes my daughter panic and this is because at times you can see this insect flying and you don’t know where it is going to land.

My daughter would jump off her bed immediately whenever she see one single cockroach and run her way to somebody’s back and would ask us to kill this cockroach.

Of course, het father or brother will immediately get a slipper and slap the cockroach until it moves no more.

They have to do  this unless they want to see this cockroach flying and roaming  around and my daughter screaming around the house.