Firecrackers for Sale

via Daily Prompt: Detonate


An excerpt from my childhood.

We had a small convenience store before.  The type of store that we run at home where my mother could take care of us while she was doing the household chores and then sewing as she was a dressmaker and at the same time, running the store.

It was the month of December where small explosives we called “labintador” or firecrackers were in-demand in preparation for new year.

We had these firecrackers put in an empty can of milk.

Then one of our neighbors named Tisoy asked for the firecracker and so, I gave him the can of firecrackers.  But then, he had a cigarette lit on his fingers, while he was choosing for a firecracker with longer strings.

And suddenly, we just heard this whistle-like sound. One after the other, these firecrackers detonated.

We really didn’t know what to do and how to stop them.

And after that, he asked us how much was the total cost of the firecrackers.

Of course, we just approximate the cost.  How could I count them, I got so frightened by the sound and lights that came from them.

Glory be to God.  I realized now that after all these news about the accidents that pertains to explosives, we were not hurt.


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