Aloe Vera

via Daily Prompt: Qualm

One day, my youngest kid who was 1 year old then was trying to reach out for something then all of a sudden a bunch of his hair was pulled by the motor of our electric fan.

I suddenly run to him as he was crying out loud and when I looked at the back of his head, there was no wound but the roots of the hair were also pulled out.

After few days, I noticed that scalp was smooth and it looked like a coin in the middle of the head. The next thing I did was to shave his head so that the bald scalp will not be obvious.  This was our routine for one year and half. And I had qualm if his hair will still grow or not.


Then one of our neighbors suggested that I cut an aloe vera leaf and rub the jelly-like substance of the leaf to the bald scalp of the head. And I did this everyday.

And one day, I was so delighted because I saw some small hair growing out from the bald scalp until they bald was filled and now, you will not find any trace of the bald.

Glory be to God.  He made this miracle plant and saved my son from future embarrassment.

aloe vera





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