The Flying Cockroach

via Daily Prompt: Panicked

“Mama! there’s a cockroach.” and she would run behind my back.


Cockroach, especially the flying one makes my daughter panic and this is because at times you can see this insect flying and you don’t know where it is going to land.

My daughter would jump off her bed immediately whenever she see one single cockroach and run her way to somebody’s back and would ask us to kill this cockroach.

Of course, het father or brother will immediately get a slipper and slap the cockroach until it moves no more.

They have to do  this unless they want to see this cockroach flying and roaming  around and my daughter screaming around the house.


2 Replies to “The Flying Cockroach”

  1. The picture depicts exactly how I sit in front of my computer and the whole post is my experiences with cockroaches! 🙂
    Even I’ve started a blog recently. If time permits, do visit!


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