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Paper Boats

paper boats

I can’t remember the time when I first learned how to make paper boats.  I owe it to my father who patiently taught me everything I want to learn. Writing my name, handkerchief folding and turn it into a mouse or make it a swing with a baby in it and paper-folding to make it a plane or boat.

During rainy days, the water elevates in our area and as a child, I was so excited to play in the rain and let the paper boats sail and race across the water.

Truly, the world of a child is play.  Nothing to worry about like what to eat or what to wear.  Is the water from the rain that turns into flood clean or not?  All a child want is to enjoy even in the middle of the storm.




via Daily Prompt: Passenger

This is the first time that she’s going to the city.

She just turned 18 and she dreams of a life that different from what she had grown up with.

She asked the blessing of her parents.  Her mother agreed to her plans but her father was very reluctant to let her go.

She put her things on a carton with the address of her friend written on the side of the box and at the same time, she also kept the address in her bag and in her pocket.

“Finally, I will now see the city.” she said to herself.


She took the train that will bring her to the city.  Though this travel will took her 15 hours, she can not sleep.  Every now and then, she would asked her co-passenger  “Is it near?” or “Have we arrive?” and the other passenger would say “No, it is still far. Take a sleep first.”

And when finally she fell aslept, the other passenger woke her up as they have reached their destination.

She looked for her friend, but she was nowhere in sight.

“Where is she?” “I told her that I’ll be arriving today?”

Not finding her friend, she sat on her carton in the middle of the terminal so that she could easily be find by her friend. (There was no cellphone yet during this time).


After waiting for 3 hours, she decided to ride in a taxi.  She gave the address that was on her pocket and luckily, the driver himself, knew her friend.

How thankful her friend when they saw each other her friend told her that she did not receive the letter from her.

New Home

via Daily Prompt: Local

Moving in a new place is quite scary and exciting.

After my graduation from high school, our family moved to Cavite because the factory where my father was employed transferred to this area.  Cavite is approximately 40 km from the place where we were residing.

Our new neighbor was very friendly and accommodating.  Every morning, Nana Fely, that’s how we call her would often invite us to go along with her to the shore to buy crabs from the fishermen.  She would then introduced us to the locals and then showed and taught us how to removed the crabs from the net.  It was fun.  The locals were even helpful too.


I then realized that we transferred to a small town where most of the persons knew the people around them and that they could easily identified strangers in their town.

After so many years, I’m still thankful to these persons who welcomed us and took care of us like a family.



Firecrackers for Sale

via Daily Prompt: Detonate


An excerpt from my childhood.

We had a small convenience store before.  The type of store that we run at home where my mother could take care of us while she was doing the household chores and then sewing as she was a dressmaker and at the same time, running the store.

It was the month of December where small explosives we called “labintador” or firecrackers were in-demand in preparation for new year.

We had these firecrackers put in an empty can of milk.

Then one of our neighbors named Tisoy asked for the firecracker and so, I gave him the can of firecrackers.  But then, he had a cigarette lit on his fingers, while he was choosing for a firecracker with longer strings.

And suddenly, we just heard this whistle-like sound. One after the other, these firecrackers detonated.

We really didn’t know what to do and how to stop them.

And after that, he asked us how much was the total cost of the firecrackers.

Of course, we just approximate the cost.  How could I count them, I got so frightened by the sound and lights that came from them.

Glory be to God.  I realized now that after all these news about the accidents that pertains to explosives, we were not hurt.

about the author

Hi..I’m Rowena and  blogging is my simple way of reminiscing my past and my childhood,  my success and failures.  And my love ones, who are always at the bottom of my heart..

I thank you all for being part of my life.



Aloe Vera

via Daily Prompt: Qualm

One day, my youngest kid who was 1 year old then was trying to reach out for something then all of a sudden a bunch of his hair was pulled by the motor of our electric fan.

I suddenly run to him as he was crying out loud and when I looked at the back of his head, there was no wound but the roots of the hair were also pulled out.

After few days, I noticed that scalp was smooth and it looked like a coin in the middle of the head. The next thing I did was to shave his head so that the bald scalp will not be obvious.  This was our routine for one year and half. And I had qualm if his hair will still grow or not.


Then one of our neighbors suggested that I cut an aloe vera leaf and rub the jelly-like substance of the leaf to the bald scalp of the head. And I did this everyday.

And one day, I was so delighted because I saw some small hair growing out from the bald scalp until they bald was filled and now, you will not find any trace of the bald.

Glory be to God.  He made this miracle plant and saved my son from future embarrassment.

aloe vera